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1. Learn about BitCoin here
2. Buy BitCoins to fund your wallet. You can find exchangers by this link. Just choose your country.  You can buy Bitcoins from other local Bitcoin holders here http://localbitcoins.com/
3. You can buy Bitcoins with a Credit Card at https://www.coinbase.com/ (US based), at https://www.coincorner.com/ (UK based).
4. Obtain bitcoins via SEPA at https://www.bitstamp.net/ , http://bitex.ie/ (5% via SEPA without a verification.)
5. Fund bitcoin with a cash at ATM https://coinatmradar.com/

*If you do not want open your personal bitcoin wallet, you can provide our BitCoin address at your local bitcoin exchanger/dealer. Your order will be shipped when our wallet will be funded. please contact us so we can provide  you with our BTC address

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Pay by  wire transfer

We accept all forms of wire transfers. Get back to us  so we can provide you  with the information to  use to complete your purchase.

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Pay by bitcoin

Pay by bitcoin

Click on the Bitcoin icon  to place your order by bitcoin. Once you fill out your form, we shall get back to you with our bitcoin address for you to complete the payment

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